“How did you come to start dancing?”

“When I was four years old my Mum put me in a dance school and I grew up with that all my life, so I don´t know what life is like without dancing.
A few years back I had a knee injury, it was a ligament tear and a slight dislocation of the knee. It put me to rest for almost one and a half years. The first year I had to rest in bed. I was worried and irritated that I couldn´t walk. And then what about dancing, I thought! Because dancing is how I make a living, but more than that it is my freedom. It´s where I can express myself, find myself, lose myself at the same time too. Finally, I got well again, and the first time I could dance again it was… unexplainable… difficult to describe!”

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“I always walked around barefoot and the last few years I done even more so, since I moved to New Zealand where being barefoot is generally so accepted. I guess that´s when I started notice peoples feet, because they´re there; they´re not covered up.
I don´t take overly good care of my own feet, but they are really resilient in many ways. When you walk barefoot all the time you start notice that: – Oh, now I can stand on a surface that´s hotter than I could a year ago. “

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“…My dog died a year ago and pretty soon after that I felt that I very much missed to be touched and to touch others. My body ached for touch so I thought I should go and have some massage. When I looked at the internet I found other interesting things, for example tantra and sexsibility. I booked a session of sexsibility for two and a half hours. She touched me with feathers, her hands, silk cloths and other things. When she got to my feet she said: Your feet are very soft! After that I often walk barefoot. When I watch TV I like to wear tights and I sit and cuddle my feet. I feel so good doing this! When you get massage, a hormone called oxytocin is set free in the body and that is what I feel.”

“The other children were teasing you?”

“No, actually my cousins, and even my Mom And my Dad, said that my feet are different. That´s what I don´t like about Vietnamese culture; they highlight the different. In Vietnamese vocabulary the word for different is already something that is negative. I don´t know if it´s from the ancient time or if the Vietnamese got effected by Chinese culture. Like it was under Mao; everybody must be the same. And especially the north of Vietnam got very influenced by this. So when I was a kid it was like this. Everything different is negative. And still today I think many Vietnamese are afraid to be different and that people would laugh at them. But not me though.”


“…For me, feet are something intimate. In order to see someones feet you have to remove their socks and shoes and that rarely happens in public. Since these shoes I made puts the intimate on the outside so to speak, many people react strongly when they see them.”

“…I like when someone gives care and attention to my feet. I discovered that this is very emotional for me; when someone holds my feet, gives them massage and such. I also think that the nicely shaped feet of a woman are quite sensual. And I´m interested in shoes as well.”

“…I haven´t danced much lately so now my feet are not so worn. But usually when I dance I often throw myself on the floor and do other things that gives me bruises and cuts. I like when my feet looks like that; then you can see that they have been working hard.”