Club Anthropocene

Club Anthropocene is a Project that invites artists, scientists and priests to collaborate and work with the concept The Anthopocene. The Project is started by Fröydi Laszlo. I partake as an artist and writer.
We are now at a stage were we work on a Forest Project. Our inspiration and starting point is the concept of Close To Nature Forestry.

Walking meditation 2013

As part of a project with The artistgroup Vittring where a group of people walked between Vänersborg and Trollhättan I staged a walking meditation workshop in a church ruin along the way. This project was part of GIBCA Extended in 2013.

Feet (Ongoing)

I invite people from different walks of life that has a special interest in feet to be interviewed and to have a portrait of their feet taken. Click here to see some excerpts. See also “Barfotadagen”.

I investigate feet as a cultural object and as a carrier of meaning in different cultures and social contexts.

Plant Communication (Ongoing)

The theory of panpsychism states that consciousness is found everywhere and in everything. If that is the case, it would mean it might be possible to communicate with plants. This is what I´ve been experimenting with in a number of workshops, using a method derived from a geomantic practice. This method focuses on seeing with your heart rather than your eyes, and emanates from a state of openness and presence.

A workshop participant gives an account of his meeting with a tree.

Below some pictures from a workshop I held in Göterborg Botanical Garden, and a video from Stora Bornö.